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OPC UA SDKs and Toolkits

Note on OPC Foundation membership

Overview of Available SDKs and Toolkits

SDK and Toolkit Suppliers

Note on OPC Foundation membership

OPC Foundation Corporate Membership is strongly advised for anyone serious about OPC UA client or server development.

There are multiple reasons for this:

  • The UA specification documents are only available to OPC Foundation members
  • OPC Foundation offers a UA SDK - free to members - which you will want access to even if you decide to purchase a commercial SDK or toolkit in addition
  • Compliance and marketing: OPC UA products will be far more saleable if they have been validated by OPC Foundation's compliance and certification process

So, while membership may have been considered optional for developers using earlier OPC specifications, if is strongly recommended for UA development.

Overview of Available SDKs and Toolkits

The following table gives an overview of OPC UA toolkit suppliers.

Toolkit Types

Platform / Language




C / C++




OPC Foundation

yes yes yes * yes * yes

* UA stack plus sample code only - not a full SDK. See note below.


yes yes yes

Fully scalable, configurable, minimal RAM utilization, etc.


yes yes yes yes



yes yes yes yes

Unified Automation

yes yes yes yes


SDK and Toolkit Suppliers

OPC Foundation


The OPC Foundation UA SDK is a collection of libraries and applications that facilitate the development of UA applications. The UA SDK supports 2 different development environments: .NET and C/C++. A Java version is in beta and is distributed as a separate package.

Working binaries and platform support are provided only for Windows and .NET. Vendors such as Unified Automation can offer expertise in porting to other platforms including Linux and embedded RTOSes.

Note: OPC Foundation supplies a full UA SDK for .NET only. Support for C/C++ and Java is in the form of a stack and sample code. While a stack provides the basic communications infrastructure, an SDK adds significant application layer libraries and classes to speed up application development. UA developers targeting platforms other than .NET are recommended to look to one of the third-party vendors listed on this page.


UA Client Software Development Kit (SDK)

Designed for rapid development, the Matrikon OPC UA Client SDK provides:
- Reusable sample code for use in projects
- Quick Start User guide to get developers going as quickly as possible.
- SDK Reference Guide
- Sample applications demonstrating functionality and helping developers quickly gain familiarity and understanding of how to working with OPC UA

OPC UA Embedded Server SDK

This single product is fully configurable and scalable from microcontrollers with 64kB RAM up to high end embedded systems based on ARM9, ARM Cortex-Ax and x86 based processors such as the Intel Atom. The product can be optimized for minimum RAM and FLASH utilization or for large data sets and multiple concurrent client connections.


UA Java SDKs

updated Prosys has developed an OPC UA Java SDK, now available as a full release version. It offers both client and client/server SDKs in source and binary editions. An evaluation version is available.

Prosys has been a major contributor to the OPC Foundation UA Java stack.

C/C++ SDKs

Prosys is a reseller for the Unified Automation toolkits.


OPC Toolbox Unified Architecture

Softing's OPC Toolbox UA, planned to ship 2009-Q4, is a family of toolkits for the development of OPC UA clients and servers for Windows, Linux, VxWorks and more platforms. It will include complete C++ and .NET class libraries with implementation samples.

Unified Automation

Client SDKs

Unified Automation offers a C++ based OPC UA Client API, with or without source code.

Server SDKs

Several cross-platform Server SDK choices are available from Unified Automation:

C++ based OPC UA Server SDK (Professional)
All basic UA services, plus support for Alarms & Conditions, History and Programs
C++ based OPC UA Server SDK (Basic)
All basic UA services only; no support for Alarms & Conditions, History and Programs
ANSI C based OPC UA Server SDK
Optimized for use in embedded devices

Java SDKs

Unified Automation is a reseller for the Prosys toolkits.

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