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OPC Programmers' Connection is an indispensable resource dedicated to the needs of the software/solutions developer working with OPC (formerly OLE for Process Control). To find out more, see 'About This Site'.

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Recent updates...

Practical OPC UA Security - What You Need to Know [Free eBook]
For a concise, easy to understand OPC UA security backgrounder, download this eBook. Click here to download it now for free!
Matrikon FLEX OPC UA SDK - Product Announcement
The Matrikon Flex OPC UA SDK is a high-performance developer toolkit that quickly and easily enables any application, regardless of size, with OPC UA. Click here to learn more!
Find industrial solutions offered by Matrikon that you did not know existed!
All OPC Servers and all industrial Communication Solutions that Matrikon offers are compiled in one document. Download it now.
OPC UA vs. Classic OPC: Why Switch and How to Do It [Free eBook]
Download your copy of this eBook for FREE now and learn about the power and flexibility of OPC UA and how you can take advantage of it today. Visit this page to download it now., Forum for Automation Professionals
The purpose of this forum is to provide connectivity advice for everyone in the industrial and commercial markets. To access the forum, please visit here.
OPC UA in One Minute
The benefits of OPC UA are described in a short, easy to understand video. Watch the video from here.
How to use OPC UA Information Modeling to Maximize the Value of Your IIoT/I4.0 Products [Free eBook]
Learn the most effective way to start using the power, flexibility, and extensibility of OPC UA Information Modeling in your projects. Download the PDF from here.
What is Internet of Things (IoT), OPC UA and Industry 4.0
Watch this OPC Foundation video produced collaboratively with Matrikon to get a clear, high level overview of the IoT landscape both for vendors looking to adopt the IoT in their products and services and for professionals in companies that will use this technology to better compete today and in the future. Download the video from here.
Matrikon Releases Industrial UA Modbus Gateway
Industrial UA Modbus Gateway provides secure, powerful and broad connectivity to access data from RTU’s, PLCs or any other devices that use the Mobus data protocol. Click here to get more details.
Learn how to use the UA CTT to test your OPC UA products
Learn more about UA Compliance Test Tool with videos and tutorials posted by OPC Foundation and its members. Watch the tutorials here.
Product Announcement
The Matrikon has released a new industrial data logger. This product is ideal for collecting data at remote locations and small facilities. It provides reliable and secure data delivery in one easy-to-configure device. Visit The Matrikon Industrial Data Logger page for more detailed information on this specific product.
OPC UA Specification Part 13 is Released
The OPC Foundation released the new version of the OPC UA Specifications Part 13 - Aggregates RC 1.02.10 Specification. It's available on the OPC Foundation website and can be downloaded from here.
New version of the OPC UA Specification is Released
The OPC Foundation released today a new version of the OPC UA Specifications 1.02. It's available on the OPC Foundation website and can be downloaded from here.
2 New OPC UA Server Development Whitepapers
Transylvania University of Brasov (Romania) releases 2 OPC UA whitepapers Design and implementation of UA Aggregating Server and Efficient Address Space Generation for a UA Server. See all available Books and Whitepapers.
A New Version of the OPC UA .NET SDK is Available
A new version of the UA .NET SDK (Build 333) has been posted which contains changes to the licensing of the source code, along with some bug-fixes.
OPC Foundation President, Tom Burke, shares his vision on the future of OPC Technology
Thomas J. Burke, OPC Foundation President & Executive Director, talked about the future OPC Technology and the OPC Foundation's evolving role among the growing number of international standards. Watch Tom's presentation here
OPC Security page updated
With the growth of cyber threats and realizing their negative impact on their critical control systems, we continue to enhance our coverage. Take a deep dive and learn about OPC Security. Try out the tools and check out the new whitepapers here