Free Stuff - OPC Utilities

This page lists miscellaneous OPC utilities.

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Free OPC Utilities




OPC Sniffer


Free utility to aid in OPC development and troubleshooting. Sits between OPC Client and OPC Server and logs all OPC calls.

OPC Analyzer


Free utility used to find OPC problem areas and back up important OPC-related files. Checks common problem areas such as firewall and DCOM settings.

Error Lookup


Provides a lookup facility for OPC error codes and quality codes. Supplied as part of Advosol's OPCDA.NET client component evaluation download (requires registration).

OPC Security Analyzer


Utility designed to help diagnose problems related to security/permissions settings for OPC DA servers.

OPC Lookup

ascolab GmbH

Provides a lookup facility for OPC error codes and quality codes. Requires .NET framework.

OPC DA Auto Wrapper


The OPC DA Automation specification was originally intended primarily to support developers using VB 6 (and earlier versions). With the rise of dynamic languages such as Python and Ruby, this specification is now seeing renewed significance. The DA Automation specification is normally implemented using a wrapper DLL that sits above conventional DA servers. Inexplicably, OPC Foundation's own wrapper DLL is not publicly available. Graybox provides this mature alternative, which is updated regularly.



Unique patented tool which provides redundancy to OPC solutions without adding to the runtime complexity, or introducing additional points of failure. 30-day trial download available.

OPC Server Unregister Utility


Freeware 'crap cleaner' for removing unwanted or ghost OPC server registry entries.