About This Site

The OPC Programmers' Connection website was set up in early 1997 to meet the needs of software developers working with the various OPC (formerly OLE for Process Control) specifications.

This site is not endorsed by OPC Foundation, which owns all OPC trademarks.


We have a page which introduces OPC, as well as some historical background.

OPC News and Code

OPC Programmers' Connection has pointers to organizations supplying source code and developers' toolkits, as well as companies providing training and consulting services. There is a further page of useful links, and we'll continue to keep you up to date with the latest news as OPC continues to evolve.

Tools and Techniques

We have a page on Tools and Techniques of interest to the OPC developer, while our Free Stuff page gives a summary of all the freely downloadable OPC software we know of.

Site Map

See our Site Map page for a full page listing.

Email us

Please supply us with any information you feel may be relevant, whether you represent a company which supplies products or services of interest to the OPC developer, or whether as an OPC developer yourself there is additional material you would like to see on these pages.


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